AMR’s CB series offers greater safety than conventional breakers.

  • Replaces molded case breakers
  • No external arcing
  • Extremely long life of operation
  • Indicator lights for all faults: Phase overcurrent, Ground fault, Phase under-voltage, Unit fault, Ground monitor trip, Fuse/contact failure, Phase loss
  • Self Test circuitry
  • All protection functions in one package
  • Easily tested by breaker test unit (BT-1000)
  • Capable of remote control by any dad acquisition system or PLC’s.
  • CB-PRO

    True ground fault function test. Wide range of operating currents: 10-550 amps FLC, up to 16 times...
  • CB-1000

    For the ultimate in power, safety and reliablity, the CB-1000 combines motor control and fault...
  • CB-100

    The CB-100 offers state-of-the-art technology that meets the most stringent safety standards while...