AMR applies decades of mining knowledge and experience to the global metal and non-metal mining sector. Our ground check/fault monitors, electronic circuit breakers, atmospheric monitoring, Wi-Fi communications, asset and personnel tracking, and collision avoidance solutions, combined with a wide variety of sensors, not only increase safety, efficiency and productivity but also assist any operation with achieving its goals.

With over 40,000 units sold worldwide, AMR pioneered the development of the world’s first pilotless or continuity-type ground check monitor. Today, AMR offers a complete suite of low to high voltage pilot and pilotless ground check and ground fault monitors. AMR’s electronic circuit breakers (CB) replace traditional molded case circuit breakers, drastically reduce the potential for arc flash and improve an operation’s productivity. Combined with AMR’s patent-pending Remote Racking System (RRS), AMR’s CB line can reduce troubleshooting faults to a matter of minutes.

AMR products meet and exceed regulatory requirements and have proven to be vital tools of mine administrators from small to large operations. AMR’s MC-4000, Mine Net, and Mine NetMesh Systems have proven to be essential in operational communications, tracking, monitoring and control. High-speed serial, Ethernet-based, or wireless systems provide real-time gas detection, conveyor monitoring and control, wireless communications, tagging and tracking, and access to information from multiple computer terminals including remote off-site locations.

In addition to our own products, we partner with other groups to provide value-added solutions such as remote telemetry, ventilation optimization, and SCADA automation. AMR is dedicated to providing customers with products that get the job done, improve employee safety, and reduce operating costs and downtime. Our domestic and international distributor network, combined with AMR’s highly trained engineering and service departments, are ready to assist customers around the clock, 24/7/365.