AMR’s Collision Avoidance Protection system (CAPS) alerts mobile equipment operators of nearby personnel and other machines. By detecting tags, or other CAPS units, that enters the user-defined protection zones around the machine, CAPS reduces the risk of crushing and pinning accidents in underground mining and tunneling environments as well as vehicle–to–vehicle or vehicle-to-person collisions in surface operations. When the tagged asset enters either the warming or alarm zones, the system then activates the open collector outputs. Depending on the unit’s configuration, these outputs may be used for audible, visual, and other alert response systems to warn the equipment operator of the potentially dangerous situation. They may also be optionally connected directly to the equipment’s braking system.

Common Applications:

  • Underground Mobile Machinery
  • Underground Track Equipment
  • Surface Vehicles and Machinery
  • Forklifts and Warehouse Equipment

CAPS is a budget-friendly system created to increase safety around mid to large size mobile equipment and is currently being sold around the world. For more information and pricing please contact the AMR sales team or your local distributor.