AMR is an authorized distributor for High Tide Technologies, a US-based technology company. High Tide offers a complete but simple SCADA solution utilizing Remote Telemetry Units (RTU’s) via satellite or cellular communications as well as the Internet to both monitor and provide automatic control of systems. In addition to its RTU’s, High Tide offers a web-based software suite called TelemetryVIEW. Via this online platform, the owner can view data and initiate manual controls from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device by simply connecting to a secure website. TelemetryVIEW enables easy access to information about remote equipment runtimes, electrical consumption, flow rates, tank levels, and more. Applications include:


  • Grinder Pump Status
  • Simple Alarm Systems
  • Remote Storage or Water Tanks
  • Field Instrumentation Monitoring
  • Managing Treatment Plants
  • Ventilation Fan Monitoring
  • Natural Gas Wells and Compressor Stations


HighTide Technologies

Intro to High Tide Technologies from High Tide Technologies on Vimeo.


High Tide Technologies and AMR have a solution for many monitoring and control needs and are typically utilized in industries such as oil & gas, water and wastewater, mining, landfill, and processing facilities.

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