American Mine Research, Inc. offers the most powerful and versatile line of products available on the market today.

Combining the latest technology with the growing needs of our customers, AMR works to supply products that not only enhance safety but also improve productivity at mines all over the world.  

  • Atmospheric Monitoring

    Since 1987, AMR has provided the most flexible and reliable mine monitoring system available to the global mining market. AMR’s systems optimize operations through real-time monitoring and control, allowing operators to pinpoint unsafe or hazardous areas, trend machinery data for preventative maintenance, and control devices remotely. AMR’s line of products have proven to be essential in operational control. High speed data communications provide mines with real-time gas sensing and wide access to information from many locations including remote, off-site login capabilities.

  • Battery Indicators

    Reduce production downtime due with our line of Battery Indicators. AMR offers reliable solutions to keep watch on your machine batteries.

  • Cable Fault Detectors

    The CD-710 will locate shorts and opens in underground trailing cables quickly and precisely.  Working as a cable problem solver, the CD-710 can cut cable downtime by 50%.

  • Collision Avoidance

    AMR’s Collision Avoidance Protection system (C.A.P.S.) alerts mobile equipment operators of nearby personnel and other machines. By detecting tags, or other CAPS units, that enter the user-defined protection zones around the machine, CAPS reduces the risk of crushing and pinning accidents in underground mining and tunneling environments as well as vehicle–to–vehicle or vehicle-to-person collisions in surface operations.

  • Electronic Circuit Breakers

    AMR’s CB series offers greater safety than conventional breakers.

  • Ground Check Monitors

    Ground Monitors continuously verify the integrity of the AC ground wire in mining equipment’s trailing cables.  Since 1975, AMR has been a pioneer in ground monitor design and sold over 40,000 circuits worldwide. Pilotless and pilot wire versions are available for low to high voltage circuits (up to 25KV).

  • Mine Monitoring

    AMR provides the most flexible and reliable mine monitoring systems available in the mining industry.  AMR systems optimize your operations through real-time monitoring and control allowing you to pinpoint unsafe or hazardous areas, trend machinery data for maintenance, and control devices remotely.

  • Mine Net Mesh Wireless Tracking & Communication

    Mine Net Mesh is the second generation of AMR’s communications and tracking solutions adding real time voice and 802.11 data connectivity.  The primary purpose of these systems is to expedite miner location and rescue efforts, but they also greatly increase productivity during normal operations.

  • Mine Net Tracking and Communications

    Events that have occurred over the past years have resulted in the growth in awareness and placed the spotlight on mine safety. AMR has developed a unique tracking system with the most advanced features and capabilities, allowing us to bring the desired safety levels to you. For over 20 years AMR has set the standard in mine safety through our exclusive line of products and now the safety of your miners can be enhanced even more by using AMR’s Mine Net™ tracking system.

  • Remote Cellular/Satellite Telemetry

    AMR is an authorized distributor for High Tide Technologies, a US-based technology company. High Tide offers a complete but simple SCADA solution utilizing Remote Telemetry Units (RTU’s) via satellite or cellular communications as well as the Internet to both monitor and provide automatic control of systems.

  • Remote Racking System

    With a molded case circuit breaker, a miner is placed in front of potential arcing hazards. With AMR’s CB Remote Racking System (RRS), the miner is only exposed to 5 Volts, and the built-in time delay allows the miner to safely remove themselves from potential arcing hazards.

  • Speed Sensors

    The “Little Speedy” LS-3000 series is a compact “all-in-one” Slip or Sequence Control Switch utilizing a ferrous metal inductive pickup. “All-in-one” means the pickup with associated speed, delay, and control circuitry is an “all-in-one” package. All that is necessary in installing this unit is tomount themodule near a suitable roller and connect the attached cable to the control box of the belt being monitored. Potted in a sealed 2″ x 7″ tube, the LS-3000 series is free from dust or moisture contamination. Accessible at one end of the module are adjustments for belt speed cutoff, a cutoff time delay and a LED (indicator) for easy calibration.

  • Tip Switches

    AMR’s Tip Switches are simple and versatile units used to sense material levels in underground mines, strip mines, preparation plants and stone quarries. The TS-1900 switches have no moving parts and are potted to increase their durability. They are designed to be hung vertically, using the attached eyehook. If they tilt more than a certain degree, depending on themodel, in any direction, the normally closedmercury switch will open, breaking a control or sense circuit. The switches are rated for 250 VAC at 15Amp.