The CB-100 offers state-of-the-art technology that meets the most stringent safety standards while providing the reliability you demand in one rugged compact package.  The CB-100 is a companion to the successful CB-1000 and is comparable in size with a 225 Amp molded case circuit breaker.  However, the comparison ends with size, because the CB-100 offers you levels of safety and reliability unheard of in molded case breakers.
Specifications              300 A Version 450 A Version 600 A Version
Dimensions: 12″ Wide Panel 14.5″ Wide Panel 17.5″ Wide Panel
Control Voltage: 120 VAC 120 VAC 120 VAC
Operating Voltage: 1000 VAC 1000 VAC 1000 VAC
Operating Current: 100-300 A 100-450 A 100-600 A
Interrupting Current: 300,000 Amps 300,000 Amps 300,000 Amps
Backup Battery: No No No
Operating Temperature: -40 to 135 F -31 to 185 F 14 to 122 F
Current Limiting Fuse: 1000 VAC/600 A 1000 VAC/700 A 1000 VAC/700 A
Display: LED LED LED
Communications: No No No
Self Test Feature: Yes-continuous Yes-continuous Yes-continuous