• True ground fault function test.
  • Wide range of operating currents: 10-550 amps FLC, up to 16 times magnetic.
  • Saves fault history that can be downloaded to your personal computer.
  • Easy to configure– Four button keypad, 4×20 LCD with user-friendly menus.
  • Displays motor operating parameters- current, voltage, and phase angle.
  • Communicates with monitoring and control systems either by discrete channels or addressable RS-485.
  • Accurate and easily set trip values.
AMR’s CB Series Features and Capabilities vs. Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Increased Safety
  • Reliability of vacuum contactor – No arcing across contacts
  • Password Protected
  • Operating parameters set by foreman
  • Alerts personnel of hazardous conditions
  • Proven to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Low voltage and easily configurable (4 button keypad, 4×20 LCD) control unit
  • Electrical lockout for repair and maintenance – Employee shortcuts avoided
  • Customized setting and parameters – Magnetic and thermal fault settings, etc.
  • Ground fault detection – prevents electric shock from “hot” frame of equipment
  • Monitoring of “stuck pole (bottle)” reduces chance of injury
Cost and Time Savings
  • Reduction in maintenance downtime – remote electrical lockout capability
  • Eliminates molded case circuit breaker replacement – Rated for 1 million trips useful life
  • Increased trip accuracy leads to decreased troubleshoot time
  • Eliminates nuisance tripping
  • Prevents equipment damage – Phase loss and under-voltage monitoring
  • Reduction in spare parts inventory
Remote Capabilities
  • Compatible with Modbus and other PLC digital I/O
  • Labor savings in pinpointing problems and resuming production
  • Data Logging
    • Start amperage and voltage requirements
    • Fault history date and time stamp
    • Record of hours closed
    • Provides accountability for downtime
    • Over-current conditions
    • Predictable maintenance vs. unscheduled downtime
    • Spare channels for customer specifications
Enclosure Dimensions: 5.5″W x 6.625″H x 4.625″D
(139.7mm x 168.28 x 117.48)
Enclosure Rating: Panel Mount, Powder Coated Aluminum
Unit Weight: 3 lbs (1.36 kg)
Control Voltage: 90-130 VAC
Operating Voltage: 480-1000 VAC
Backup Battery: No
Interrupting Current: 100,000 Amps
Operating Current: 10-550 Amps
Operating Temperature: -40 to 135 F
Thermal Trip Time Accuracy: +/-10%
Instantaneous (Mag) Trip Range: 2x to 16x (x=Continuous Current)
Magnetic Trip Accuracy: +/-10%
Ground Fault Protection: Adjustable from 1-25 Amps in 0.1 A icrements
Low Control Voltage: Three phase circuit opens when control voltage if 80-85 VAC
Low Three Phase Voltage: Adjustable from 1-50%
Phase Current Imbalance: Adjustable from 1-50%
Low Phase Voltage Delay: Adjustable from 1-5 seconds
Phase Current Imbalance Delay: Adjustable from 1-5 seconds
Display: 4 line x 20 character LCD with LED indicators
Communication Protocols: RS-485 @ 38.4 kBd, Modbus, or Stand Alone
Address Range: 0-255
Close Switch: 2 second hold with adjustable 0-10 second contactor close delay
Other Notes: User configurable parameters vial local display and four position keypad
security key switch
Warranty: 180 Days
Specifications        300 A Version         450 A Version         550 A Version
Load Current Range 10-300 A 100-450 A 100-550 A
Current Ranges 10-30A, 30-90A, 100-300A 100-300A, 150-450A 100-300A, 200-550A