WinMAC is a fully featured monitoring and control application developed for the Windows® environment.


  • Alarm Function
  • Logs time received and acknowledged and by whom
  • Saves history for view
  • Alarm page automatically moves to the foreground
  • Sounds card support f audible alarm
  • Password system with user-defined PIN for each operator
  • Real time trending of analog/sensor values wiht graph view
  • Event logging with view/print
  • Report Preview
  • User-programmed analog and digital auto control
  • Online data backup utility
  • Remote support via phone lines
  • 38400 BAUD

Graphics Interface:

  • OPC/ODBC Compliant for HMI interface, OPC Server
  • OPC Clients tested include GE Fanuc Cimplicity® Rockwell RS View® and Wonderware InTouch®
  • Clients can connect either locally on the same PC or remotely over Ethernet