AMR has developed an intrinsically safe two-way communication text messaging device based on its Smart Readers, the same readers that control AMR’s Tagging and Tracking products through its mine monitoring system. One mine monitoring system (over fiber or copper) for gas/belt/circuit breaker monitoring, tagging/tracking, and mine-wide two-way communications! Compose, send, receive, and save messages with this universal intelligent handheld RF device.


  • Send/receive text messages with over 120 characters, symbols, and mine abbreviations
  • Auto-transmit sync-to-reader serves as auxiliary tagging/tracking funcion
  • Compose alpha-numerically or with integrated text or mine-speak short hand
  • Selectable destination for message transmission
    • Sent to base/tracking station or individual address/respond
    • Broadcast to all, (emergency and non-emergency codes built in)
  • Numbered messages saved in memory for reading/forwarding
  • Each messenger also serves as a beacon and a beacon finder for any other unit
    • RF and audible alarm to indicate position, permanent messenger transmission
    • Use to find other messengers/tags where no Smart Readers have coverage
    • Leave a “note” to describe the last course of action/destination
  • Fully interactive device with custom mine programmable memory functions
    • Upload safety procedures, mine directions, or contact information
    • Store critical health information and operational checklists
  • Scalable power usage: scales power consumption to extend operation between charges
  • More functions than RF Radios (range, clarity, memory, programmable settings)


  • Small, lightweight and durable
  • Graphical multi-function display
  • Illuminated select buttons / easy menu
  • Dynamic beep alert / ringer
  • Optional infrared port, carry pouch, boot
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • Programmable memory
  • Flashlight white/green LED
  • High power transceiver
  • Optional instant recharge boost pack (could be stockpiled in caches)
  • MSHA approval number 23-A090014-0