The MC-6410 Wireless Multi-Gas Monitor is a self-contained unit housed in a mine duty polycarbonate enclosure and sealed with a door gasket to protect the electronics.  These sensors offer a very low current draw and are easily addressable by using three dial switches on the board of the unit.  Units can be configured to operate on multiple network protocols or stand-alone.  The enclosure is coated with a RF shielding to prevent interference from two-way communication devices.

Features & Benefits:multi-gas

  • Can Monitor up to 4 unique gases simultaneously
    • example: CO, CH4, O2 and NO
  • When populated with NO and one of the CO options, diesel nullifying can be achieved
  • All sensor calibrations (including last calibration date) are embedded within each gas sensor module
  • No tools required to replace a sensor module
  • Automatically detects which gas sensor modules are present at power-up
  • Maintains correct date and time through the Wi-Fi connection to a date/time server
  • Remote firmware updates through Wi-Fi connection
  • Other interface options available:
    • Lynx radio module-allows you to interface with Mine Net™ System
    • RS485 Interface Option-allows you to interface to MC-4000 System
  • MSHA IS Approval Pending
Display: LCD
Enclosure Type: High impact, UV-resistant polycarbonate
Enclosure Dimensions: 8″W x 10″H x 6″D
Unit Weight (AC Powered): 5 lbs
Unit Weight (Battery Powered): 6 lbs
Operating Voltage: 9-28 VDC
Operating Temperature (when Methane sensor is used): 0 to 50 C
Operating Temperature (when Methane sensor is not used): 0 to 70 C
Max System Current (when Methane sensor is used): 35mA
Max System Current (when Methane sensor is not used): 10mA