MC-6410 Natural Gas Monitor

The MC-6410 Natural Gas Monitor provides full scale, real-time Methane monitoring in natural gas pipelines. Using the latest in sensor technology, the monitor specifically detects the methane content by minimizing the effects of other hydrocarbons present in natural gas streams, while compensating for the shifts caused by temperature and Carbon Dioxide.

The MC-6410 Natural Gas monitor is ideally suited for production well sites, compressor stations, storage tanks, and production facilities.

Features and Benefits

  • 0 – 100% Full Range Methane
  • Targets Methane By Ignoring Other Hydrocarbons
  • Temperature and CO2 Compensated
  • Easy “Smart” Calibration
  • Internal, Self-Adjusting Flow Meter
  • Current Loop Output or Modbus Data
  • Explosion Proof Enclosure with Viewing Window
  • 3/8″ Process Fittings (Others by request)