BI-800 Low Voltage Battery Indicator

The BI-800 was developed by AMR for the mining industry to satisfy the West Virginia Office of Miners’ Health and Safety’s laws that require this type of equipment. It is extremely easy to install and does not require a field modification of any explosion proof electrical enclosures.


  • Indicates low battery by blinking headlights every 15 seconds. Does not shut down the machine.
  • Can be tested by pressing the test switch.
  • Mounted with self-contained cable ties.
  • Solid state protection for reverse polarity; fuse protected for over voltage.
  • Factory set so that calibration adjustments are not needed for installation. However, it can be field adjusted to compensate for battery aging.
Operating Voltages: 24, 36, 48, 64, 96, 120 or 128 VDC
Backup Battery: No
Inputs: Hardwired to Battery Circuit
Outputs: Wires into vehicle lights or control circuit and breaks signal every 15 seconds
Optional Sonalert Audible Beep Indicator
Display: No
Remote Monitoring: No
Self Test Feature: Yes
Other Notes: Adjustable Sensitivity