AMR’s MineNet™ Mesh Receives 1st Wi-Fi IS System Approval


American Mine Research, Inc. (AMR) is excited to announce the receipt of U.S. MSHA Intrinsically Safe (IS) Approval for its new MineNet™ Mesh System, a completely wireless tracking, communications and atmospheric monitoring system for use in underground mines.  The MineNet™ Mesh system is AMR’s second generation system as its first generation system, MineNet™, received MSHA approval in 2009.

“We’re very excited about the new MineNet™ Mesh system,” said Bob Saxton, AMR’s General Manager. “We’ve taken the time needed to design this system based upon what mining companies want and need to exceed the requirements of the 2006 MINER Act and improve their productivity.  Over the past few years, we have asked for and received input from many mining companies to assist us in this design.”

“Miners can use AMR’s VOIP phone to place calls to individuals or groups underground and on the surface.  The system’s Access Points (AP’s) have been tested up to 4000’ underground in 42” coal and have provided excellent coverage in these conditions. The new system’s design utilizes much smaller and lighter AP’s with multiple options for IS battery backup, and the overall system does not require as much hardware as 2009’s version.”

The Mine Net™ Mesh System is user-friendly and fully adaptable to different frequencies, mine heights and conditions. AMR has added voice as a means of 2-way communication for both production and emergencies, with the VOIP phone providing integrated tracking and voice, text or push-to-talk communications.   The system is further enhanced with the capability of atmospheric (gas) monitoring with AMR’s new wireless Multi-Gas Sensor.

The Access Points (AP’s) use IEEE 802.11 b/g for the wireless interface with data rates up to 100 Mbps.  Because the system uses an open source protocol, it allows for customers to use many different Wi-Fi products such as laptops, PLC’s, gas sensors, cameras and much more.  AMR is also seeking several international IS approvals for the new MineNet™ Mesh System.

Since 1975, AMR has supported the mining industry’s need for enhanced safety through the use of robust and user-friendly monitoring, control and communications electronics.  AMR offers a variety of products, from pilotless ground monitors, to atmospheric gas sensors, zero speed switches and vacuum-operated circuit breakers.  For more information, visit AMR’s website at, email or call 1-800-541-5583.